Jessica Vogt

Howdy, y’all!

Some of you may recognize me from my other blog, The Woman Who Writes. That blog is for my poetry and non-fiction stuff. If you’re looking for either of those, or for more information on me, you can find the link to that one over to the right. ——–>

This blog will have more bloggy type things, i.e. polls and numbered/bulleted points and facts and pictures and…you get the point. I’ll check Swing Vogt (pronounced ‘vote’) every day, but whether or not I post every day will be a different story and completely up to me. 😉

Annnywho, my goals for Swing Vogt are to post things that are useful, funny, and helpful to make it day to day. Read, comment, like, reblog, share!

Thanks, everyone 😀



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