Jill of all Trades

Lately I’ve been feeling like a Jill of all trades, yet a master of none.

When the track coaches recruited me to their team, I had no desire to go to college.

I wanted to move out of my parents house, work full time (somewhere, I didn’t know where) and be on my own. I was tired of the rules, the you-can’t-do’s, the parents, everything relating to home. So I was going to leave.

When I got offered a full-ride to a private college and participate in one of the best track programs in the state, I saw this as my chance, my getaway.

What I didn’t see was what I would do with a Bachelor’s degree. The only reasonable choice was to pick something I could maintain a high GPA in. That happened to be English with an emphasis in Creative Writing.

They say you can get anywhere with an English degree; what they don’t say is that anywhere means nowhere. No one wants someone who can write stories through their own personal lens. They want writers who have a knack for getting out there, interviewing people, working with multimedia productions. Tack on a minor in Journalism or Media or whatever and one is more set to land a job than just a “creative writer.”


I can paint and draw.

I can read and analyze.

I can write a story or a poem.

I can work hard, and work out harder.

I can love and laugh and live.

I can be a military wife.

I can cook.

I can be a college athlete.

I can be anything. . . except anything that would pay well and require my degree.


Why can’t it be possible to do everything? I know there are people out there whose jobs are what they enjoy the most, whatever that may be.

But what exactly is it that I enjoy?



I love all of it.

Can’t I just be paid to live and live well?


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