A Day at the Gym

You know, inspiration to write can come from the strangest places.

For instance, running.

Treadmills being used in a gymnasium in Birmingham UK

I was running today when some motivation hit me. Kind of literally, actually.


5 minutes into my 20 minute run, my phone had gone off more than usual. So, I put my left hand on the hand rail (right hand having my cell phone and music) to prep for a pause. The plan was to step with my left foot in time with the belt and step with the right onto the plastic side piece.

In between thinking about what I needed to do and doing it, something went waaaayy wrong.

My legs forgot how to be legs and I went down. Hard.

“F*ck!” poured out of my mouth (I had headphones in, so it could have been loud or an under-the-breath comment. . .no clue) and I frantically tried to pull my feet back under my body. Before I had even gotten myself back up I was looking around the room, simultaneously I hoping no one had seen so they wouldn’t question my state of “okay” while hoping someone had so they could laugh with me.

No one said a word or even looked my way. Fine, the rest of my 20 minutes was challenged by laughing at myself by myself.


As a thrower, I have sworn to never run. Our motto is “Why run when you can walk?” It’s more of a stereotype that we’ve simply accepted. Think about it: big, bulky, heavy young adults on a treadmill. I think we’re more afraid of breaking it if we touch it than the actual process of running.

Doane Throwers 2014 This is the group that went to NAIA Outdoor Nationals in Gulf Shores, Alabama in May. Not fat, just. . .big. (Oh, I’m the whitest one there on the right.)


The last 2 or 3 months I’ve been dusting off my big rear to look good for my husband upon his return home. Running and body weight exercises seemed like the best option to work off in-season bulk.

The first week, I hurt like hell. My wide birthing hips weren’t ready for it, and my knees weren’t nearly as strong as I thought. But I kept at it and soon my body got used to it. In fact, it was the best I had ever felt! Physically, mentally, everything. The biggest difference, though, was how much better my knees felt. Crazy, huh? Another thing changed that really caught my attention: I wanted to run. Every. Day.


Naturally, I did some research. Some things were just common sense, such as why my knees felt better: the ligaments, tendons, and muscles surrounding the joint were getting stronger. Duh.

But the following site helped out a little bit. Check it out, then go for a run! It’s amazing how much better you’ll feel. Although I highly suggest you at least start out on a treadmill rather than a paved road. Also, watch out for that moving belt.

6 Ways Running Improves Your Health


– Jessica



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