How to Not Be Annoying

Does it seem like people avoid you? Do you spend a lot of time searching in vain for someone who will hang out with you? Do you get ignored? You might be annoying.

I created a poll and posted it here, Facebook, and Twitter to clear up why someone may be annoying (What Annoys You? A Poll).


A little later… 

So…the poll idea didn’t work out all that well. Refer to my A Short Post to find out why. Out the whole 7 people that voted, overconfidence, self-centeredness, and an inability to make decisions received the most votes, followed by an annoying laugh, control freak, and a high state of dependency.
So what are ya gonna do about it?? Here are some ideas:
Listen to yourself speak
Do you say the same thing over and over? Use cliches and generalities? Get a dictionary, learn synonyms and antonyms. Hell, make up your own sayings. For those who like words and explore diverse means of their uses, it is a nice break to talk with someone who doesn’t sound like every other person.
Don’t talk about yourself
Blah blah blah, you you you. Oh. My. God. Shut up. No one appreciates an attention-seeking, “the-universe-revolves-around-me” person. Familiarize yourself with what is going on around you and form your own opinion.
Keep some things to yourself
It’s perfectly decent to be a semi-opened or -closed book. Information pertaining to you doesn’t need to be proclaimed to the surrounding county. Most of the time, most to care to know what you had for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. But if you can find that appropriate counterbalance of saying what is necessary and keeping what is unnecessary unsaid, you;ll more likely to be wanted in attendance.
*On a personal note, this is the one I struggle with the most. I blame it on the military; both my side and my husband’s are constantly asking how we’re doing, how I’m doing, what know, what we’ll be doing when he comes come, etc. So, sometimes, everything just comes out to everyone. Excepting what I ate for each of my meals.
Hush up and listen
You learn better that way, how people act and react and interact. And watching people is really, really entertaining.
Learn how to be you, alone
Going in the opposite way of people-watching, set yourself apart from them and get to know yourself. Learn how to preoccupy yourself when there’s no one around. Think about things, like those thoughts you think are crazy (they probably are but we’re all a little crazy). Feel the emotions you’ve buried within yourself. You’re human, I’m human, we’re all human! Feelings are just a part of what we are. It’s incredible what you’ll discover, especially the traits and perks you didn’t even know you had!
Walk that line of confidence
Don’t be too cocky, but also don’t tuck your tail between your legs. Know who you are (eh, eh? Looky here, a reference to the previous heading). Keep your shoulders back, chin up, and be willing to let loose a smile on your beautiful lips and allow that sparkle in your eyes to shine bright. You know that song She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful by Sammy Kershaw? Okay, so maybe not everyone listens to country. The point is, confidence is beautiful; cockiness is not. Find your balance of humbleness and self-assuredness. Be a follower AND a leader. Society (a.k.a. ourselves) has a way of making us think that we have to be one thing or the other. Why not be both?
If your problem still exists after this, well, you may need to make some changes that I didn’t cover. OR don’t. If you’re happy with yourself, more power to you.

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